Evolution of the Women's Game in Fiji 

There are about 100 women who play rugby regularly in Fiji. That was enough to put together a team that made it to the quarter finals at the Rio Olympics. “Imagine if 1000 women played. Or 10000.” dreams the Fiji Rugby development manager, Vela Naucukidi.

GameChangers helped out by:

  • Supporting behaviour change research which gave us specific information about the motivations, barriers and opportunities of the women who are on the cusp of playing rugby, current players and their gatekeepers.

  • Undertaking a communications campaign that helped position rugby as an accessible activity that creates new opportunities and promotes solidarity and sensible risk taking for teenage girls from diverse backgrounds.  

  • Inventing and getting funding for Community Heroes, a group of  rugby-based role models to introduce Get Into Rugby in new communities and conduct talanoa sessions to discuss issues and barriers related to women and girls' participation. 

  • Initiating new partnerships with UN Women and the Fiji Women's Crisis Centre which addressed issues raised in the research and attracted new funds. 

  • Increased female participation in Get Into Rugby by 80% in less than 12 months and the Fijiana players report being recognised as heroes in the street. 


Behaviour Change Research Summary 


Communication Examples