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Where social impact, sport and sponsorship meet to change lives and profit organizations.


Do you want to: Bring more value to your sport so it embeds in communities? Use sport as a way to contribute to sustainable development goals? Leverage your brand by linking it with a sport community that is visible and valued?



Behaviour change research examine 

what people are doing as well as why they are doing it and how they might be motivated to continue or change the behaviour. It looks are the force fields around a person, 

defines a demographic and figures out which triggers are most likely to get them to do something new.


We help sports and community development organizations get the credibility, branding, infrastructure, social change and participation outcomes that are possible by working together. We make it profitable for corporates to sponsor sport that changes the world, not just entertains it. 


Change not Churn


Together, we will combine community development design approaches with a sport development drivers come up with a plan that amplifies sport’s connection and credibility. Let’s build ecosystems of influencers that sustain more activities for more people.  ​


Change is influenced by an inspiring purpose, the ability to tell people about it and understanding of which activities are having the most authentic and efficient impact. We will help you tell your story in way that contributes to the impact, build monitoring frameworks & tools and support 

evaluations and reviews.


 GameChangers gets to know what you care about most and matches you with people and organisations that will help you enhance and expand your activities.

We create archimedes lever-like partnerships that either makes things either easier to do or irrelevant.


We don't guess. We take inspiration from evidence of best practice in all industries because it leads to innovation. We have learnt the rules and know when it makes sense to break them.


We are gritty and will put in the hours, call on networks and make the hard decisions. We will have the courage to choose integrity everyday because this leads to excellence. We will look forward to seeing you because we like you and this means we will all push on when things get tricky because the things we do together are useful.  


"I want the whole to be more than the sum of the parts."


Let's start with a process that figures out what you bring to partnerships, what you want from a partnership and the capacity your organisation has to act. We will map and analyse funders, partners and other organisations in your force field. The next steps will get you ready for action and might include formative research, partner development or short-term adaptive designs.


This is a 2 to 4 year process to create new ways of doing things via new partnerships. We will do all of the things in the GameChangers Starter Pack and then take it several steps further. We will negotiate partnership agreements, trial activities, build the capacity of organisations, develop long term plans, mentor, and contribute to creating supportive policies. We will create communication campaigns that support the change in behaviour and  align activities so people can easily practise new behaviours. We will create a monitoring framework that helps tell stories that improve approaches. 


Let's use the event to lift the community up. We will help you develop a framework for choosing sustainable development objectives. Together, we'll go through a process to create partnerships that explore branding links, organisational capacity, fundraising opportunities and activities. We will help you align your strategies and operations with 10 universally accepted principles in the areas of human rights, labour, environment and anti corruption.

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"I need a boost in one area."

4. KNOWING: Research for Behaviour Change

Includes: developing research tools and processes, undertaking research activities 

building local capacity to undertake research in the future, analysing research, presenting the information in a form that can be easily communicated and shared

5. CONNECTING: Partnership Mapping & Brokering

Includes: partner self assessment, mapping and scoping new potential partners

partner matching process, partnership brokering activities, ongoing partnership monitoring

6. CREATING: Strategy and Design

Includes: Responding to barriers, motivations and opportunities uncovered in the behaviour change research, integrating partners' shared objectives, trialling new approaches using adaptive frameworks and connecting powerfully through capacity development, mentoring and management.

7. COMMUNICATING: Tell a Story

Includes: monitoring frameworks & tools, evaluations and reviews, story telling & evidence based case studies, promotion & branding.

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